Ambri-Piotta vs HC Lugano Match Prediction (01-10-2019 13:45)

Our Prediction:

HC Lugano

Will win

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They were able to change things around at the club and also to change the players mindset. There is no denying that Luca Cereda and Paolo Duca just like all those working with them off the ice are a real strength for Ambr-Piotta. Ambr-Piotta earned the respect of the whole National League and are now a real and solid team that can always cause difficulties for anyone.

I am going to be siding with the over 5,5 goal line in this game of ice hockey between Zug and the away side of Lugano in the top tier of Switzerland since I think the hosts are absolutely on top of this one and they will be going for the win right off of minute 1 and I just don't think they are going to do anything else but gun for the win so I am going for this one and I think you guys should be going for the same pick as well without a doubt in this game.

This game of ice hockey between the Rapperswil Jona Lakers and the guests of Ambri Piotta is going to have goals in it if you ask me about it and that is why I am going to hurry and side with the over 5,5 goal line in this one since I think the hosts are surely going to try their best to win this game, they know it would be an important win to have in regulation time since this is practically a very early relegation fight so I think goals in this one will not come short at all here.

Champions Hockey League Ambr-Piotta, Bern and Zug play tonight their third game!

This applies to every team but even more to Ambr-Piotta. So many times yet, its the only recipe for success. How many times does the Biancobls coach say the word work? And when we talk about him, we talk also about his staff. Luca Cereda is turning out to be an outstanding coach at times, there is the impression that he can squeeze blood out of the stones. One thing is sure, there is no better coach out there right now for Ambr-Piotta.

Marco Mller played a key role in Dominic Zwergers excellent performances and in Dominik Kubaliks outstanding season. We mean, hes a very precious player who, moreover, extended his contract with the club until 2022. Its no secret that the former Bern improves every season, both in terms of personality and performances and this year, he can take another step forward and become devastating!

Yet, tonight they have to be careful and stay focused from start to finish. Zug will play at the Bitcoin Arena against Rungsted Seier Capital last week the Bulls had earned a quite comfortable 5-2 home win against the Danish club. Right, because Rungstad proved last week that even though they are the weaker side, they are able to take advantage of each moment during which Zug arent focused.

The system of play must make it up for the lack of talent. On paper, Ambr-Piottas defense doesnt look particularly solid it was not an accident that last season the Leventinesi had only the 8th defensive record of the league, despite the fact that they had two great goalies. We mean, when it comes to defensive solidity, the Leventinesi arent among the best in the National League. The defense, moreover, wasnt particularly reinforced Samuel Guerras departure was only partially compensated with the arrivals of Tobias Fohrler and Julian Payr.

Now though, comes the hard part. To be fair, frankly speaking, in our opinion the Leventinesi are about to start their most difficult season in years. Last seasons results in fact, are both a blessing and a burden to carry a blessing, because the club built its self-confidence, but also a burden to carry because now the opponents wont underestimate the Biancobl any more and also because the expectations are higher.

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This obviously helped also to spark a great deal of enthusiasm, both among the fans and the players. Last seasons results built the teams self-confidence. Ambr-Piotta, even though are managed like a professional club should be managed, are back being a big family again and thats the only way this club can have success. Ambr-Piotta understood that can always have a chance to win each game provided that they follow the system of play and the ideas of Luca Cereda to the letter.

As we said, last seasons results are both a blessing and a burden to carry. All this, anyway, can generate pressure it will be important to remember where Ambr-Piotta are coming from and what are the real possibilities of the club. Let us not forget, moreover, that some have now higher expectations, and this despite the clubs smart words (survive must be the number one target). There will be no longer the element of surprise, the Biancobl will have to fight even harder if they want to reach their targets.