MKS Start Lublin vs Zielona Gora Match Prediction (29-09-2019 11:00)

Our Prediction:

Zielona Gora

Will win

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Some of the names the team had included Stal Zielona Gra, Wagmo Zielona Gra and Lechia Zielona Gra. In the 196667 season, the club promoted to the second tier I Liga for the first time. In 1968 the team adopted the still famous club name Zastal Zielona Gra. The club was founded in the year 1946 under the name KS Zieloni, and in the following years the club had several name changes. In the early 1960s the team consistently played in the third tier of Poland as Lechia.

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The golden years for the club would begin here. In the 200910 season, Zastal finished in second place in the I Liga and was promoted back to the PLK. The following years the club would consistently compete for the Polish national title while also playing in Europe. Due to sponsorship reasons, in the summer of 2012, the club changed its name from Zastal Zielona Gra to Stelmet Zielona Gra. In the 2012-13 season, the club won the Polish League championship, and thus qualified to play in the 201314 EuroLeague season, the highest continental level. In the 201112 season, the team finished in third place in the Polish League.

Basket Zielona Gra, also known as Stelmet Enea BC Zielona Gra for sponsorship reasons, or Zastal Zielona Gra as its historic name that the fans identify with, is a Polish professional basketball team that is based in Zielona Gra, Poland. For past club sponsorship names, see the list below. The team plays in the Polish League and internationally in the Basketball Champions League.

The club stayed there for a long time, however they had to leave the league in the 19992000 season due to financial problems. In the 198384 season, Zastal promoted to the top tier Polish Basketball League for the first time in club history. These problems caused Zastal to fall back all the way to the III Liga. In June 2001, Sports Joint Stock Company Grono became the owner of the team and a season later the club returned to the second tier I Liga.