Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier Match Prediction (15-12-2019 00:00)

Our Prediction:

Stipe Miocic

Will win

Mookie Alexander: Had in my mind up until fight week that Anthony Pettis will win this. But I dont think Nate is the type of person who will fall victim to cage rust, and what he excels at is exactly where Pettis struggles: Pressure-based, heavy-volume striking. Hes actually been the one fighting, whereas Diaz hasnt. Diaz cant cut off the cage remotely as well as someone like Max Holloway, but he is capable overall of overwhelming Pettis the same way previous opponents have. Pettis kicking game should be heavily focused on attacking legs, although for some reason hes never been a prolific leg kicker. I think Pettis will start off well but Diaz is going to pour on the pressure and get the win. Nate Diaz by unanimous decision.

After the UFC learned that Lesnar is retired, Cormier eventually agreed on a rematch with Stipe Miocic. The bad blood between the fighters is what makes the rematch so exciting. The stakes were high the last time these two met, but theyre even higher now. For more than a year, Dana White and the UFC were trying to organize a fight between Daniel Cormier and Brock Lesnar.

Football, tennis, basketball, and UFC are just a fraction of the sports available in Fun88s offer. Daniel Cormiers odds stand 20/33, while Miocic is given odds of 23/20 to win the fight. Even though Cormier is the heavy favourite, Miocic is not too far behind. The highly-anticipated rematch between Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier is one of the highlights in the popular market.

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Both guys are coming in after looking fantastic at UFC 220. Miocic beat the man who will step into the co-main event, Francis Ngannou, and was actually favored to beat him in Boston. It will be one of the very few heavyweight superfights in UFC history, as the company has never pitted the heavyweight and light heavyweight champions against each other. Instead of being baited into a slugfest with the power Ngannou, Miocic fought incredibly smart and kept the "Predator" at bay to grind out a decision win.

Yet, I think Cormier will be able to close the range, use his clinch and wrestling to win the fight by decision in a very close bout. Miocic had success early on in the first fight, but the key for him to win will be to keep the range where DC cant hit him. Stipe Miocic will be a very interesting fight and a super tough fight to call. Daniel Cormier vs.

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Especially since Worthy himself isnt the biggest puncher out there. But, hes also been lit up a few times early, because he likes to square up when he throws his combos, and his defense tends to go out the window as his offense opens up. But he throws 1-2s with fantastic power and accuracy and is very good at waiting on the counter and drawing out his opponents mistakes. That probably means he leads Worthy right into a crushing KO. Devonte Smith via KO, round 1. Zane Simon: Worthy is actually a lot of fun. Smith still hasnt shown a varied game, and hes not the biggest lightweight. He has a great penchant for driving action-heavy fights. A trigger counter-puncher who likes to throw in combination off his opponents offense.

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And doesnt really seem to have any kind of clear game plan when he has to go out and win multiple rounds. And that just may be enough to win a ton of fights in a middleweight division that rewards relentless weirdness. But, he also seems to have his own variety of confidence issues. But hes tough, and tireless, and confident. Heinischs game is full of holes and fairly tracked into power right hands, to double legs, to scrambling grappling exchanges. Ian Heinisch by decision. Zane Simon: Brunson has a clear path to victory. He doesnt get tired the way ACJ and Ferreira do.

That was one of them. When you look at Stipe Miocic, hes a good fighter, but I dont know why but there are some habits that he has that are glaring, Cormier said. We worked on pulling him into the clinch, getting him close and finding a way to find that short shot. Theyve been there since Day 1.

Anton Tabuena: Miocic is still bigger and hits harder, but Cormier is still the more skilled MMA fighter overall here. Daniel Cormier by TKO. Hes also much faster and probably has the better chin too. This is heavyweight and Miocic can obviously give him problems, but I have a feeling this fight will go longer, but have the same ending.

Cormier has won seven of his last eight fights and is coming off a November win over Derrick Lewis. Cormier is averaging 3.83 significant strikes per minute with an accuracy percentage of 51 percent. Daniel Cormier enters this fight with a 22-1 record and has won 45 percent of his fights by knockout. Cormier is averaging 1.93 takedowns with an accuracy percentage of 47 percent. Cormier will fight for the first time this year and has established himself as one of the toughest fighters in the sport, as few can wrestle with him on the canvas, and four of his last eight victories have come by the rear-naked choke. Cormier is simply one of the more balanced and best MMA fighters to ever step into the octagon and hes proving age truly is nothing more than a number. Cormier has now finished seven of his last nine victories and remains unbeaten when fighting anybody but Jon Jones. Cormier is coming off a convincing second round submission victory where he repeatedly took down The Black Beast, made him uncomfortable and eventually finished things with a rear-naked choke. Even in his last fight, Cormier peppered Lewis with some solid ground and pound. This will be Cormiers fifth career fight in California, the state hes fighting out of. Cormier always feels like he has the advantage if he can execute a takedown due to his deep wrestling background, and he seems to get better the longer the fight drags out. Cormier is a well conditioned fighter who is built for the long haul, and even at now 40 years old, he still has some pop in those hands that can end things standing up.

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I'm not saying Ngannou will go into the cage ready to run the Boston Marathon or anything, but he'll be prepared enough to stand in there and trade with Lewis. Lewis will get just a little more gassed than Ngannou, and I'll go ahead and predict that the "Predator" nails him with the KO shot early in Round 2. Jorgensen on why Ngannou will win:I'm going to give Ngannou the benefit of the doubt here and assume that he learned a thing or two about cardio in his loss to Stipe Miocic where we all kind of feared for his safety.